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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Super Combo Clash! - 19th November @ TCG Expo, Exhibition Centre Liverpool

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By popular request we are proud to present the Organized Play Events Super Combo Clash for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game!! 

These events will take place on the 19th of November at the TCG Expo, Liverpool! This event will run alongside our other TCG Events, as well as many vendors and exhibitors showing off their rare cards!

This unofficial DBS event will put Saiyan against Saiyan in the blasting display of ultimate power, it is not one to be missed! 

Tickets cost £30 per player and will include a Weekend Pass to the TCG Expo!

Event Information

Format: Constructed, standard DBS rules

Rounds: To be Announced (depending on capacity)

Time: BO3 60 Minute Rounds (+5 minutes overtime)

Top Cut: There will be no Top Cut.

Round 1 Start: 10am


Players must arrive at the venue at 9:30am, ready for pairings to go live!

We will be using Limitless for this event! Please ensure you are signed up over at:


As this is a custom event, we will be using custom prizing!

1x Silver Card Pack Vol 1
1x Championship Selection Pack 2023 Vol 1
1x Championship Selection Pack 2023 Vol 1 (Special Edition)
1x Championship Selection Pack 2022 Vol 3
1x Championship Selection Pack 2022 Vol 1

Top 16
1x Reward Card

Top 8
Vegeta, Goodly Aura P-247 PR (Alt Art)
Supreme Kai of Time, Time Labyrinth Unleashed BT13-135SR (Alt Art)
Great Priest, Herald of Deliverance DB2-061 SR (Alt Art)

Top 4
Forbidden Power BT15-119SR (Alt Art)

Top 2
Championship Silver Pack Vol 1 (Complete Set)


Syn Shenron, Destruction Incarnate BT10-115R (Alt Art)
Champion Playmat


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Getting to the Venue
Check out the Exhibition Centre Website for more information on getting there, and hotels in the surrounding areas!

TCG Expo Liverpool

For more information on TCG Expo Liverpool, please follow this link: