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Lorcana! ComiCrazy Presents Core Constructed Main Event! - 19th November @ TCG Expo Liverpool, Exhibition Centre

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We are proud to once again work with ComiCrazy to offer a fantastic Lorcana event at TCG Expo Liverpool on the 19th of November!

All ticket holders will receive a Weekend Pass to TCG Expo Liverpool at no additional cost!

About ComiCrazy

ComiCrazy are a dedicated team of TCG enthusiasts who have over two decades worth of experience running trading card game tournaments. They work hard to deliver many events, which are known throughout Scotland for being high quality and extremely professional, we are proud to partner with them to offer more tournaments at TCG Expo Liverpool!

ComiCrazy will also be vending at the event, and will have many products and TCG singles available. You can even pre-purchase singles of the latest sets for the events they are running by contacting them on Facebook or CardMarket!

Lorcana Singles will be extremely limited as product is in high demand.

Event Information

Lorcana Set 2: Rise of the Floodborn will be LEGAL for this event!

Format: Core Constructed 2-Colour Format

Rounds: TBD determined on attendance, Maximum of 7.

Time: 50 Minute Rounds, Best of 3.

Top Cut: Top Cut depending on attendance

Registration: 9:30-10am

Round 1 Start: 10am - 19th November

Decklists: Decklists must be provided at Round 1 Start to ComiCrazy staff.

Participation Prizing

There will be participation packs of Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn awarded to players with the amount scaling depending on attendance.

Placement Prizing

1st Place - 1 Case of Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn (4 Boxes)

2nd Place - 1 Box of Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn

3rd/4th - 1/2 Box of Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn

5th-8th - 8 Packs of Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn

9th Place - 1 Illumineers Trove



All players will be automatically entered into a giveaway for a Disney 100 Collectors Gift Set and one lucky player will win it at the event!

Organized Play Events Discord

Please make sure to join our Discord to stay up to date on this event and others!:

Getting to the Venue
Check out the Exhibition Centre Website for more information on getting there, and hotels in the surrounding areas!

TCG Expo Liverpool

For more information on TCG Expo Liverpool, please follow this link: