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Digimon Card Game Regionals - May 12th @ Salford Community Stadium, Manchester

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Organized Play Events are THRILLED to bring you the UK's Offline Digimon Card Game Regionals taking place on May 12th at Salford Community Stadium, Manchester!

This event will see tamers test their might against other tamers in an effort to become the ultimate champion! Will you save the Digital World, or become its ruler!

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Tickets cost £35 per player.

Tickets can be refunded until 48 hours prior to the event, after this we cannot guarantee any refunds - as per our Terms and Conditions.

Tickets cannot be transferred to another player, and reselling tickets is forbidden by OPE and Bandai - and ticket resellers will have their ticket voided with no refund, and be reported to Bandai.

Please note all ticket refunds will incur a £2 refund charge.

Event Information

This event will run in the following format:

Format: Standard Constructed

Rounds: Up to 7 Rounds Swiss, depending on attendance.

Round times: 45 minute matches, Best of 3.

Round 1 Start: Round 1 Start TBD between 9am - 10am

Registration: A Player Pack will be sent to all players closer to the time. Registration will be from 8am till 9:05am.

Software: This event will be ran on the Limitless TCG Software, so please register at https:\\



2024 Regionals Participation Card Set Wave 1 x1

Event Pack Vol. 6 x3

Top 128

Event Pack Vol. 6 x1

Top 64

Event Pack Vol. 6 x1

Top 32

2024 Regionals Finalist Card Set Wave 1 x1

Digi-Egg Sleeves (5pcs) x1

Top 8

2024 Regionals Finalist Card Set Wave 1 x1

2024 Serial Number Card Omnimon x1

Top 2

2024 Regionals Champion Card Set Wave 1 x1


2024 Regionals Champion Card Set Wave 1 x1

Champion Playmat x1

For event support and player chitchat, check out our Discord!

Getting to the Venue
Check out the Exhibition Centre Website for more information on getting there, and hotels in the surrounding areas!